Monday, April 4, 2011

Crack Fic: Chapter Twelve

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When we last left our crack fic....

"Maybe I can help you look for him, er, Bob. I'm trying to find Martha anyway. What does your Daddy look like?"

There was only one thing to do. Only one way to make this nosy Time-Lord-Dad-Wannabe stop asking her questions. Donna burst into hysterical tears and threw herself into Ten's arms. "I wa-want my Daddy!" she sobbed loudly.

Really, fooling Time Lords was WAY too easy.

"Oh, oh no." Ten said awkwardly, patting Donna on the head, "I'm not prepared for children. Stop crying, it's fine, really it's fine, we'll find him. You come with me, let's go together. Come on, take my hand, allons-y."

Donna sniffled a little, before grasping his fingers in his comforting hand, it almost felt right, but she could tell it was different.

"Donna!" A voice suddenly shouted at them from just a few metres a way, "well at least this means we made it out of the matrix then."

Little Donna and Ten looked around in surprise to see a relieved looking intact Rory striding towards Donna, a group of chattering Time Lords behind him. 

Ten goggled at the swarm of people, who he most definitely recognized as his past selves....and a human wearing his old cricket uniform. "How'd you two managed to get away from the Time Lords?"

"It was easy," Donna said proudly. "Time Lords are pretty, except for my daddy," she added tactfully, seeing the expressions on the Doctors' faces.

Ten's mind was reeling. He's experienced these get old body get-together many many times, but it was still something to get in. Add in a lost Martha, a human bloke dressed like old-him and a strange little girl, it made for quite a strange day. Oh, and don't forget the definitely-dead-because-I-killed-them-Time-Lords. He bent down to the little girl who called herself Bob. "What do you mean? Is your daddy a Time Lord?"

"You could say that," Donna replied.

"Do I know him?" Ten was suddenly very interested in this child. She reminded him of someone, the problem was that he had met so many people in his travels. Before Donna could answer, Rory approached and hugged her. Ten forgot his question. Time Lords are easily distracted.

"I'm so happy that you're safe." Rory told her. "We have to find the others. This Rassilon is bad news. We have to find the Doctor and Amy."

"Wellll, here you are, I'm the Doctor. I don't know who Amy is, but I'm sure we'll find her," Ten approached as he offered his hand to Rory. "I seem to misplaced my friend Martha. As soon as I've found her, I'd be more than happy to help."

"DOCTOR!" A voice shouted from above. It was Martha. "I'm being chased. Where did you bring me this time?"