Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crack Fic: Chapter Seven

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When we last left our crack fic....

"First things first we need to get the TARDIS back and then we need to deal with Rassilon. I don't know who or what is messing up time, but I don't think we can't do anything standing here without a time machine."

"Yes that's all very well and good," Amy interrupted, "but where is it? And more to the point, how did you all end up here outside it? What's a cloister bell anyway? You've never mentioned it Doctor."

"It's the TARDIS alarm bell Amy," the Doctor informed her, "it rings in impending disaster."

"Right, not a good thing then..."

"Definitely not something we want no, the question is why did it ring? And why did you abandon the TARDIS?" He said, now addressing his former selves.

"I'm afraid we had no choice." Six said sadly. 

"Flesh eating mannequins," explained Rory frankly.

Amy nodded, and then did a double take. "Wait, what?!?"

"Mannequins. You know, the little ones that look like children for kids' clothes? Only they could move and had razor sharp teeth. They tried to eat spiky hair's arm."

"And my coat," said Six, gesturing sadly down at a chewed bit of rainbow cloth.

"And oh, what a shame that would have been," Eleven snarked.

"Says the man in a bow tie," Handy grinned.

Six looked hurt. "I love this coat!" he said protectively. "That means that, at one time, you loved this coat too!"

"I have decided something," Four said loudly before another argument could break out. "I shall never regenerate and instead live forever!" he proclaimed. "Anything to not turn into one of you pasty little gits."

Handy looked highly offended. Eleven fingered his bow tie. Six merely rolled his eyes. It looked as though an argument was about to break out, when a little girl's scream caused them all to whirl round.

Standing under the archway were four Time Lords in full regalia. The tallest of them them held a staff in one hand, and in the other he held Little Donna firmly by the throat.

Eleven gasped. "Maxil?!"

A man looking dead similar to Six, minus the coat, was the one holding Little Donna.

Handy chuckled. "Say Six? Why did you become an exact clone again?"

Four sighed. "More politics I presume?"

"This is no time for laughter!" Amy scolded Handy, shutting him up fast, "we need to help Donna.." Before she could finish however, Rasillon himself appeared behind Maxil, taking Donna from him.

"Doctor," He called down to them, his bellowing voice reverberating around the scene, "this is the end, for you."