Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crack Fic: Chapter Four

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When we last left our crack fic.....

Amelia stared at Rory, then at Eleven, then Handy (her gaze lingered slightly longer on him). Then her brow furrowed in confusion. "Wait...why are you all so tall?" Then she looked down at herself and shrieked. "I'm a little girl! I'm...I'm 10 again!" She stormed over and attempted to get in Eleven's face, but seemed to suddenly realize that now, she only reached to mid-chest level. She settled for poking him hard in the stomach. "WHY AM I 10 AGAIN, DOCTOR?"

"I don't know."

"I did it," Little Donna explained. "I spent my entire life around grown ups. Daddy with his stupid space junk. Mommy with her drugs. I want a friend my own age."

Rory, the two Doctors, and Amelia looked at Donna. This girl had more power than they we comfortable with.

"Let's go find the playground." Donna demanded.

"No, we need to stay in the TARDIS and get Amy sorted out." Rory said.

"Are you new or something? The playground is the best part of this old box."

"Okay, okay let's not argue." The Doctor said, trying his best to defuse the situation," Handy you take Donna to the playground, it's improved a lot since the revamp, the swings especially." As the two of them walked away, the Doctor turned his attention back to Amy and Rory. "Ah, gosh this has all become rather complicated hasn't it? I think the first thing to determine is if you're sure you wouldn't want to stay how you are." He addressed Amy, "I mean, is it not a desired featured to appear younger than one's actual age?"

"Why the HELL," Amy glowered, "are you talking like bloody Spock? Nobody grown-up wants to look like they're in grade school. Maybe you want to look younger than you are if you're 900 and whatever-" (Handy snorted at this) "-but I'm only 21! Figure out some way to change me back!" She suddenly looked sad, and Eleven could only think of this same little girl sitting forlornly on her small suitcase in her garden. "Please?"

He kneeled down, looking little Amelia in the eyes. "I'll do my best. I promise."

"Really?" The words 'five minutes' were written plainly across he face.

He grasped her little hands. "Amy, trust me. I'm not going to abandon you."

Perhaps it wasn't the best time for Handy to cut in with a signature "Weeeellllllll...."

 "Don't start."

"Susan. Steven. Jamie. Zoe. Sarah Jane-"

"Stop it."

"Peri. Ace didn't really want me to leave her either. Jack. Rose."

"I said stop it!"

"Rose again. Me. Donna." There was a long pause. "I think that was all of them."

"I was a different man back-then," he said, barely suppressing his guilt as he coolly regarded the pinstriped man. "Clearly."

"We were always different men. That never stopped us."

The Doctor was about to respond with a sharp reply, but was stopped. "Oi! You're both being stupid." Little Donna stomped over, grabbing her 'father' by the hand. "And I still want to go to the park."

She gave Amy a look that said 'can you believe these two?', but the Scottish girl just looked worried.

"Doctor, you will be able to change me back, won't you?"

"Yes of course, I just need to...decide how. No need to worry yourself, I'm sure it'll only be a moment."

"You'll be fine." Handy interjected, as he pulled something from his pocket, "here, have an apple."

Eleven grabbed the fruit and scolded Handy. "Fruit has given me quite enough trouble today." He walked to the door and threw the apple like a grenade. "Now, what do we have going on here? Amy is a child. The former half me, half human is on the Tardis for some reason with his daugher, who he had with a companion and just happens to be the a child version of another companion. What am I missing? How are these things linked?

"It's simple. I can't believe how slow I become: Children. It's all to do with the children."