Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crack Fic: Chapter Eleven

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When we last left our crack fic....

Donna really hated these Time Lords.

She had only disliked them at first, with their shouting and their guns, because Donna knew that even though guns were stupid, many of the people who used them weren't. But then they'd taken Dad away from her, and that had made her mad, and even though the lead one called Rassilon called her clever, all the other ones didn't treat her like that. They called her a strange half-breed, and as they led her through Gallifrey's ruins to a jail cell, one kept asking her if she was scared and needed a hug. One of the other guards didn't like that, and said that it wasn't their job to play with the little human.

It was around then that the little human decided it was a good time to escape.

She was grateful that her Mummy taught her to pick pockets. Rose knew so many useful tricks. Little Donna listened patiently to make sure that no one was watching her as she pulled the key out of her pocket. The cell that the held her in looked like a very small cage from the outside, but on the inside it was as big as a TARDIS. If the guards came to check on her, they would assume that she was hiding in an anti-chamber.

Donna kept meaning to ask her father how Time Lords made things that were bigger on the inside. 

Examining the door of the cage, Donna decided that the Time Lords were good at making things bigger on the inside, but pretty dumb otherwise. The cage openings were too small for a grown-up's hand, but she could easily slide her hand through to put the key in the lock from the outside. She quietly opened the door and slipped out.

Donna wanted her Dad, but she had a feeling that she wouldn't be able to find him without getting caught. She needed help. Where had Amy ended up?

She didn't know, but she figured she could find out. She ran quickly and stealthily through the building's hallways, checking every room to see if it contained someone she knew. Most of them were empty, of either friends or strangers, but one did have some Time-Lord robes in her size which she took to blend in more. Overall, it was amusing, like a cross between tag, hide and go seek and dress up, all in one.

After an hour, though, Donna's legs were feeling tired and the game wasn't fun any more. She was getting scared, too. What is something happened to her friends? And would she ever get to go to the park?

"Hellooooo! Anybody there?" a very familiar voice echoed down the hall.

"Daddy?" Donna asked, and ran around the corner. "Dad! I found you!"

The spiky-haired Time Lord stared down. "Um...who are you? Also, have you see a young lady, black skin, hair like a pineapple? Name's Martha."

That was when little Donna realised this man was wearing a brown suit, not blue. 

"Oh sorry to bother you." She said quickly, not wanting to make the situation any more complicated. "I won't disturb you. I'm going now"

"I wouldn't hear of it!" Ten said, bending his knees to look into Donna's face. "What are you doing wandering around here on your own, eh? And, blimey, you know you look very similar to someone I met once, but that was a while ago, on Earth. So what's your name then?"

"Bob," Donna said saying the first name that popped into her head.

Ten stared at her. "Bob? Isn't that sort of a guy's name?"

"It's short for!"


"Yes! Now I've got to find my Daddy because he's gotten himself all lost and you're in my way!"