Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Summary - April 3 - 9

To be honest, I'm not sure what Mark's going to be doing this week.

It's certain that we'll see
The Big Bang - Moffat
A Christmas Carol - Moffat

But after that I'm not sure. Is Mark going to do one last Classic Who before/after 'A Christmas Carol?' Or is he going to dive straight into Avatar the Last Airbender? Is he going to watch Space and Time and do a review on those too?

No clue....

With that said, I have a pretty big favor to ask someone who is more artistically inclined then I am.

I'm getting my summer craft projects arranged in my mind and getting together the patterns for them all. So far I've made the pdf of the TARDIS design I'm planning on doing....
As well as the Seal of Rassilon and the Master's Ring symbol.

(Though I may not actually make the Master's since the pattern had to be 19 inches wide to keep all the detail.....) 

However, there is one project I'm desperate to make, but can't get the pattern to work. 

The problem is, as you can see, the image is way too small. I haven't been able to find a bigger one though! Since it's too small, plugging it into my patten making program turns all the letters into an unreadable blur. Trying to trace it in Excel (which is how I made the TARDIS pattern) makes me loose the box shape since I royally suck at drawing and tracing. So if anyone could either find me a bigger version or blow this up and clean it up, I would love them forever! If it's easier to blow it up, it doesn't need to be in the same colors or anything. It can be in black and white and I can still plug it into my pattern program and get a good result.

Thank you for any help that anyone can give, and if you want these patterns too, just leave a comment and I'll figure out somewhere to upload them!