Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crack Fic: Chapter Nine

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When we last left our crack fic....

Rassilon laughed. "Corrupt, Doctor? Us? This from a Time Lord who shirked his duty to his people, a thief who ran away. You collect these humans like pets, and this girl," (he shook little Donna roughly. She tried to bite him) "seems to be proof that you've done more with humans than collect them. On top of all your other crimes, you have the gall to bring your half-human child to Gallifrey. Of course, that will merely make it easier for us to wipe out your line entirely. So much the better."

"Listen!" Handy shouted. "This war that's being fought now, light years from Gallifrey, the one you've dismissed as nothing? It's coming here, and it won't be long. To fight it, you'll need me. You'll need us."

Rassilon looked amused. "We do not need you, Doctor. In fact, we shall do better without you. I have seen your past, our future, and I know the choice you made. It will not happen. I can rewrite time, and I shall. That is, of course, why I brought you here. Surely you've figured that out by now?"

Without another word, Rasillon raised his arms and two flashes of light appeared beside Eleven, after barely a second however they were gone, taking with them Four and Six. "What have you done with them?" Eleven shouted.

"They are merely back in their own times for now, but with your annihilation soon, very soon, their existences will be forgotten."

"You leave him alone!" Rory shouted, clicking the safety of the gun off.

"Please," Rasillon said, waving his hand. The gun vanished out of Rory's hand. Rory looked confused for a moment and then suddenly he vanished as well.

"RORY!" The little girl screamed, thrashing, but even that couldn't break free of the Time-Lord's grasp. The Doctors and their companions forced themselves to remain calm.

"We won't let you do this," said Eleven coldly. "You have laws."

"Laws that you don't bother following," said Rassilon. "Wasn't it you, who not very long ago, completely re-wrote a man's life, on a whim?"

"That- that was to save 2,000 lives!" he responded indignantly, before forcing himself to be calm again. "And you still need to adhere to your rules, anyway. I have rights-"

"I hope," Four interjected wryly.

Rassilon looked shocked at Four's reappearance. "How did you-"

"As if a mere teleportation field could keep us away," Six smirked. He looked around. "Where did the human with the nose go?"

Things were getting out of hand again so Eleven stepped in. "We will be all allowed to stand trial, and our companions are not to be harmed. And we are support." Handy, Six and Four looked surprised; they'd never been one to hold by lawyers. "From Romanadvoratrelundar, to be specific."

Handy clapped loudly. "Yes! A great idea from the future me!"

"Romanadvoratrelundar?" Rassilon snorted. "For such a clever man, you really are shockingly slow. Romana is no longer...available, shall we help you."

Four, who had remained quite calm until that moment, suddenly lunged toward Rassilon, but was caught by two of the guards, who flung him up against a wall and held him there. Rassilon smiled. "I know you, Doctor. I could not persuade you to do what I ask if I threatened only you. But Romana, your half-blood child, the inept human man, perhaps...You'd do anything to save them. And in order to do that, I have no doubt that you--" he pointed at the four Doctors-- "all of you, will do as I say."

Six growled. "What have you done with Romana!?"

"She's fine," Rassilon growled, "at least her DNA has been preserved. At the moment, she doesn't have a body. That is something of a necessity in a lawyer."

"How could you?" Four asked. "She was the best and brightest. The very future of our species."

"She was, until she spent too much time with you."

Eleven laughed. "Well doesn't that just explain it all! You had some people kill her body. And then you came back once more to rule!"

Rassilon waved his hand dismissively. "Enough. Now you know why you must obey me, so we can get on with things." He handed Little Donna to one of the guards. "Put the girl somewhere safe. She's a clever little thing, make sure she can't get away." The guard picked Donna up and carried her away. As they rounded a corner, they heard her cry out for Handy, and then a door slammed, and there was silence.

"Right then." Rassilon turned to the Doctors, who were standing closely together. Four was attempting to pat Handy ineffectually on the shoulder, as Handy tried to edge away from him. Six just looked angry, while Eleven stood silently, suddenly looking every one of his 907 years. Rassilon addressed them calmly, but with an unsettling manic edge to his tone. "This war. You ended it once--"

Handy interrupted "--and I'll do it again if I have to! If you saw the end of the Time War, then you saw what you'd become. But it's early now, we could stop it before it really begins! Please, Rassilon, listen to me!"

Rassilon waited for him to finish speaking, then went on as if he hadn't heard. "You ended it once. This time, you will start it. You are quite enough of a spark to ignite that powderkeg. You start the Time War, and this time, I will end it on my terms."

All the Doctors seemed to speak simultaneously. "No. If you think I'm going to kill thousands of Time Lords again for your sick plan..."

Rassilon growled out, "ENOUGH. You will start the war or perish."

"Fine," said Four. "We'll help- we, I know when I'm beaten."

A look of surprise and triumph flashed across the President's face, only to quickly be replaced with suspicion. "Will you now?"

"Oh, yes. We're not the respectable sort, you see, the lives of ourselves and our friends are of dreadful importance to us. Starting a war will be no problem at all; we'll whip one up before you can blink. Of course, I did think that the people needed motivation to go war- social and political turbulence, that sort of thing. But then, what would I know?" Four smiled a toothy grin. "I'm sure all of Time will be perfectly willing to go to war on our whim."

"Do not patronize me." Rassilon emanated a cold fury. "Your right, the people shall need something to fight, a reason to go to war. I'm sure that thirteen and a half Doctors and their many vile allies will do perfectly."

Handy stared at Four only to stop as Rassilon finished his mad rant. "What. What? WHAT!? You're making time and space fight all of us and our companions!? Are you MAD?! The Laws of Time! Dimensional barriers! You can't DO this!"

"Watch me." Rassilon said. Over his shoulder, a new man appeared in a bomber jacket and and jean shorts cut inappropriately high. He had a face full of freckles and curly ginger hair that rivaled Amy Pond's.

"Who are you?" Handy asked

"I'm you from the future, clone boy. Don't you recognize yourself?"

"That means, we are finally ginger!" Eleven shouted triumphantly as he rose his hand to Handy in anticipation of a friendly high five. He was dissed.

Four and Six stared at Eleven and Handy. "Do we want to become ginger in our future that bad?"

"You two have know idea how it feels, to watch a great civilization burn. To know that deep down, it was your fault, but you couldn't do anything to change it. You have no conception of the sound of everyone you ever loved, screaming for mercy. What you you do? What did we do? Becoming a ginger was something to look forward to," Handy said.

"Must you dwell on it?" Eleven asked. "It's bad enough when we don't talk about it all the time."

"I'll take that as a confession." Rassilon interrupted with a smirk.

"You are idiots, all of me." The stranger Doctor shouted. "These ghosts of Gallifrey have no power over us, except the sentiment in your hearts, all eight of them."

Rassilon snapped his fingers, and as if on que, horrible humanoid bodies rose from the shadows of the Citadel's wreckage. But they moved with jerky, mechanical gaits- they were mannequins, just like the one which had first appeared to Eleven in his TARDIS. They moved quickly, grabbing the future Doctor roughly, before he could he react.

The President's smile was cat-like. "I'm sad to say that your rhetoric is correct- we have no power over you- for now. You see, what we need is a decent threat, creatures that are clever enough to make a substantial war against- you and your companions, Doctor. But I'm not stupid. I'm not going to war with you, unless I'm sure we have control of you. Complete control; mind and body."

It sent a shiver down the prisoners' collective spines. "What's that supposed to mean?" Rory asked.

"Oh, wouldn't you like to know?" And with that, the Time-Lords began to lead their prisoners away.