Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crack Fic: Chapter Thirteen

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When we last left our crack fic....

"Martha!" Ten called out, "thank goodness I've found you, over here."

The group turned as one in the direction of the clattering footsteps coming ever closer. Then the figure of Martha appeared, sprinting as hard as she could. "Doctor!" She cried, "it's a mannequin, but it was moving, and shooting at me. You have to do something!"

"There was one in the TARDIS earlier," Rory said, grabbing Donna up and slowly backing away from Martha. "Do we need to start running?"

"I there ever a time where running doesn't solve everything?" Ten asked, grinning widely.

"Yes." One frowned. "I'm a little bit old to be running, in case you've forgotten."

"Old?" laughed Nine, taking his former self by the hand. "You're just a few decades over 400, don't get me started about old!" The cranky-old-young man prepared to make a come-back, but now the entire group had broken out into a run, and he was too busy trying to breathe to speak.

"What the Hell is going on?!?" called Martha.

"Search me," said Rory. "Come on, Donna."

"Can you at least tell me where we are?" Martha asked.

"Gallifery," Ten answered. He was ahead of the running pack by a few yards, so he twisted his head to be heard.

"Your home planet? I thought that was destroyed."

"So did I." Ten responded.

"Nothing makes sense here," Rory said. He was lagging behind with Donna, so he hoisted the child on his back and gains some speed and was soon running beside Martha. Under normal circumstances, they would have introduced themselves, but these circumstances were not normal. All they could do was run.

"Nothing makes sense?" Martha laughed, as the group rounded a corner. "Welcome to my world."

"Its been my world for a while," Rory said between breaths, hoisting Donna further up his back. "Anyway, its looks like there's a bunch of evil super-powered aliens who want to control the Doctor and use him to create a Time destroying war, or something. Oh, and my wife's been turned into a seven year-old. I'm a little bit blurry on the details."

"Oh," said Martha. There wasn't much else you could say.

"Could you two apes stop yabbering, and just keep running!" shouted leather-jacket.