Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crack Fic: Chapter Fourteen

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When we last left our crack fic..... Mark appeared and was blamed for EVERYTHING!

Ten reached the end of the corridor first. The hall opened out into a sort of alcove with three separate doors. He rushed to the door in the middle and tried to open it. Locked. He pulled out a silver instrument, with a pale blue light on the end, and pointed it at the doorknob. But even after several seconds of whistling, the device couldn't open the door. Grasping at his hair, Ten grimaced. "It's been deadlock sealed!"

The man in the leather jacket caught up with Ten and tried his identical silver-and-blue instrument on the right-hand door. "So's this one."

Before they had the chance to even try the left-hand door, the middle door swung open. Behind it stood a bearded man with a shaved head, thick-rimmed glasses, and two silver studs beneath his lower lip. He reached out and shook hands with both men and then gave a wave to the rest of the group, who finally made it.

"I can't believe you're really here! Oh my god, so excite!" The bearded man spoke with an American accent. "My name's..."

A blast from the mannequin, who was halfway down the corridor, hit the left-hand door, interrupting the introductions.

"Quick, in here!" Martha shouted, pushing Rory and the little girl into the open room in front of her. Ducking increasingly accurate shots from the approaching mannequin, the Doctors hurried in, followed by the bearded man, who closed the door.

Having completely missed all of its targets, the frustrated mannequin blasted the middle door. Though charred and singed, the door remained intact; the same could not be said of the doorknob.

"Phew we made it!" Rory said, as he leant against the door.

"Get away from there!" Ten cried, pulling him away, "we don't know what it might do next." 

"Can I have your autographs?" the bearded man asked, nearly bouncing in place as he hovered over the winded Time Lords. "No one's going to ever believe this! I mean you're Martha!" he said pointing at her. "And you're Ten! And you're Nine! And you're-" he looked, puzzled at One. "Well I don't actually know which one you are yet, but I'm sure you're amazing!"

"Who are you?" One demanded, frowning. "And how do you know my later incarnations?"


"It's it obvious?" Donna interrupted. She smiled, a little smugly, at the bewildered Time Lords. "I mean I find it pretty obvious. I thought you Time Lords were supposed to be smart!"

"Oooh, now that one's going to be a bother when she grows up," Ten muttered. "I feel a bit sorry for her parents."

Donna gave Ten a look that would melt steel and huffily turned away. "This man," she said pointing at the still grinning bearded man, "is the reason we're all here! All of this is HIS fault!"