Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Day Meme: Lord Of The Rings Masterpost

Day 1: Favorite member of the Fellowship
Day 2: Favorite Tolkien book
Day 3: Favorite movie
Day 4: Why did you first read these books?
Day 5: Favorite chapter
Day 6: Least favorite chapter
Day 7: Favorite character
Day 8: Least favorite character
Day 9: A scene that always makes you laugh
Day 10: A scene that makes you cringe (for whatever reason)
Day 11: A scene that always makes you cry
Day 12: Scariest scene
Day 13: Best fight sequence
Day 14: Favorite location
Day 15: Favorite song/poem in the books
Day 16: Favorite music from the movies
Day 17: Favorite piece of artwork (original or fan)
Day 18: Favorite page to screen translation
Day 19: Least favorite page to screen translation
Day 20: Character you like better in movies
Day 21: Character you like better in the books
Day 22: Character you wish had been featured in the movies
Day 23: Tom Bombadil - what's his deal (dong dillo)?
Day 24: Who is your favorite hobbit?
Day 25: Who is your favorite dwarf from The Hobbit?
Day 26: Your favorite type of being in Middle-Earth
Day 27: Your favorite animal/creature
Day 28: Most shocking plot twist or WHAT?! NO!!! moment
Day 29: Saddest casualty and/or collateral damage
Day 30: Favorite line or scene from the trilogy