Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Day Meme: Characters Masterpost

1)Favourite Book-Worm
2)Favourite Deadpan Snarker
3)Favourite Anti-Hero
4)Favourite Badass Normal
5)Favourite Chosen One
6)Favourite Member of Law Enforcement
7)Favourite Teacher
8)Favourite Scientist/Inventor
9)Favourite Artist/Writer/Designer
10)Favourite Witch/Wizard/Mage
11)Favourite King or Prince
12)Favourite Queen or Princess
13)Favourite Superhero
14)Favourite God/Spirit/Anthropomorphic Representation
15)Favourite Alien
16)Favourite Non-Human Fantasy Character
17)Favourite Robot
18)Favourite Pet
19)Favourite Anthropomorphic Animal
20)Favourite Sibling Team
21)Favourite Monster
22)Character You’d Most Like To Look Like
23)Character Whose Powers You’d Most Want
24)Favourite LBGTQ Character
25)Favourite (Relation)Ship
26)Character You’d Most Like to Spend a Day With
27)Favourite Male Villain
28)Favourite Female Villain
29)Favourite Male Hero
30)Favourite Female Hero