Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Day Meme: Avatar The Last Airbender Masterpost

DAY 1. Favorite Episode
DAY 2. Least Favorite Episode
DAY 3. Favorite Character
DAY 4. Least Favorite Character
DAY 5. What is your favorite outfit that any character has worn throughout the series?
DAY 6. Favorite Element Nation
DAY 7. Favorite Animal
DAY 8. Favorite Quote
DAY 9. Favorite Book Season
DAY 10. Favorite Weapon
DAY 11. Favorite Minor Character
DAY 12. If you could challenge anybody to an agni kai, who would you choose and why?
DAY 13. If you could make up an episode right now, what would be the title and what would it be about?
DAY 14. Favorite Fight Scene
DAY 15. Sokka's great at haikus. Why don't you try one out about your favorite character?
DAY 16. Hurry! Make up your own animal hybrid!
DAY 17. Minor character which you wish you could see more of.
DAY 18. An Episode you don't remember anything about.
DAY 19. What's a question that you would love to have answered about something that wasn't so clear in the series?
DAY 20. Favorite Disguise any character has used.
DAY 21. Some characters had different hairstyles: Zuko, Aang, Katara and Sokka to name a few. Which hairstyle of each did you like better?
DAY 22. Favorite Villain (if it's your favorite character, 2nd favorite villain)
DAY 23. Favorite Pairing
DAY 24. What element would you bend?
DAY 25. How much did you like the movie? Or how much do you want to see it?
DAY 26. An episode that makes you cry
DAY 27. An episode you can watch over and over
DAY 28. Your favorite fanart of anything from the series
DAY 29. Who would you love to be the voice actor for and why?
DAY 30. Describe your favorite, least favorite, and overall the greatest times in the series.