Sunday, April 7, 2013

Geeky Weekly Funtimez

Episode Reviews
Monday: The West Wing - The State Dinner and I, Claudius - Reign of Terror
Tuesday: Friday Night Lights - Homecoming and I, Claudius - Zeus, by Jove!
Wednesday: The West Wing - Enemies and I, Claudius - Hail Who?
Thursday: Friday Night Lights - Crossing the Line and I, Claudius - Fool's Luck
Friday: The West Wing - The Short List and I, Claudius - A God in Colchester

Chapter Reviews
Monday: Blackout - Chapter 18
Tuesday: The Realms of the Gods - Chapter 4
Wednesday: Blackout - Chapter 19
Thursday: The Realms of the Gods - Chapter 5
Friday: Blackout - Chapter 20

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