Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geeky Weekly Funtimez

Episode Reviews
Monday: Cowboy Bebop - Black Dog Serenade and Lost Re-Watch - Some Like It Hoth
Tuesday: Princess Tutu - The Maiden's Prayer and Husbands
Wednesday: Cowboy Bebop - Mushroom Samba and Buffy Re-Watch - Passion
Thursday: Princess Tutu - Crime and Punishment and Buff Re-Watch - Intervention
Friday: Cowboy Bebop - Speak Like a Child and Bones - The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Chapter Reviews
Monday: Wolf-Speaker - Chapter 9
Tuesday: Blackout - Chapter 1
Wednesday: Wolf-Speaker - Chapter 10
Thursday: Blackout - Chapter 2
Friday: Wolf-Speaker -Epilogue and Emperor Mage - Predictions

Also, if anyone didn't see it last week, we're starting a new thing where anyone can request that I edit the time-stamp of their weekly "verbs" threads so that sorting the comments by date will make them easy to find. I'm keeping a list of who has already requested their threads be changed. So if you want me to add you to the list, let me know!