Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbender’: S01E02 – The Avatar Returns

Over in 'Watches' land the review for 'The Avatar Returns' should be up soon.

Spoilers (and the cutest Sith ever) below.

Sorry this is late! I have no idea why, but the stupid thing didn't automatically post itself again.

Okay, this is way off topic, but WAY too cute not to post! Apparently Disney Land has a Star Wars jedi show in which small children from the audience are invited up on stage to defeat Darth Vader. Well, they picked this one little girl and....

I want this small child to become my daughter.

Back on topic and back to our game!

In this episode:
+1 for letting her grandchildren go towards certain death and believing in them

+1 for wanting to stick with Aang having known him for.... a couple hours?
+1 for going to save Aang
+1 for getting her waterbending right
+1 for bringing the goal of the season into focus

+1 for making Katara stay behind even though he obviously wants her to come
+1 for going back to help the village
+1 for defeating Zuko with a penguin-otter thingie...
+1 for giving himself up to protect others
+1 for being that great at fighting with his hands tied behind his back
-1 for detours. Sure, it's going to be fun, but there are plot points to defeat!

+1 for flying only to prove Sokka wrong

+1 because full facial make-up is cool
+1 for attacking despite being HOPELESSLY outmatched
+1 for boomerang!
+1 for coming up with the idea to save Aang first
+1 for deadpan humor
+1 for "That's for the Water Tribe!"

+1 giving him the point for the badass ship attack
+1 for kicking Sokka's ass so easily
-1 for mistreating his elders and threatening small children
+1 for jumping after Aang like that
-1 for knocking Aang overboard. Genius. Have your prisoner drown before you can bring him home.
 +1 for proving he's the kind of villain who'll always come back

+1 for sleeping through everything!

Still in the lead is Katara with a grand total of 9 points!
Aang and Sokka are catching up though with 6 points apiece!
Zuko, Iroh, and Appa are all tied with 2 points!
And Gran-Gran exits stage right after only earning herself 1 point.

Running Count

Aang does something that brings him only trouble - 2
Aang feels guilty - 1
Aang has an obvious crush moment - 1
Aang goes into Avatar state - 2
Aang shows off - 1
Iroh mentions tea -1
Iroh plays Pai Sho -1
Katara acts motherly - 1
Katara gives a speech full of hope -2
Sokka gets the short end of the stick - 3
Weird hybrid animal seen - 2
Zuko chews the scenery - 1
Zuko looses his temper -2
Zuko mentions his father - 1
Zuko mentions honor - 1