Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbended’: S01E01 – The Boy in the Iceberg, fer reals this time!

Over on 'Watches' the review for 'The Boy in the Iceberg' should go up soon.

Spoilers (and our new game!) below.

Everyone has their favorites. The character that is so awesome that s/he blows all of the other characters out of the water and you want everyone in the entire world to know how pants-wettingly awesome s/he is. Usually these favorites are chosen via personal preference and what we're personally drawn to in individuals. But what's the fun with that!? Let's JUDGE them!

So how are we going to figure out which is the best character through an empirical method? Via a point system, of course! We're going to be giving our characters points based on their actions with +1 point given to characters that exhibit behavior that is 'good' or amusing. -1 point detracted from characters that do things that are stupid, or break character too much. +2 points will be given to characters that do things so mind blowingly awesome that we want to reach through the screen and give them a high five with -2 points detracted when a character does something so stupid that you want to reach into the screen and slap them around a bit and yell.

Now, how are we going to apply this to the show? Well, I'm going to be watching the series episode by episode along with Mark and grading the characters as we go along and keeping a running tally of points. To make sure minor characters can still get a shot at the top, once season 1 is over, I'll divide the number of points accumulated by the number of episodes the character was in for a final score. This will determine our season winner! At the end of the season, the slate will be wiped clean and a new tally will be started. At the end, each season winner will compete to see who wins and becomes the BEST CHARACTER IN AVATAR.

So where do you guys come in? Well, first of all you're going to keep me honest (because if I have my way, Iroh is winning every season and the champion title), but also I need everyone's input to make sure I'm not missing anything. Did I overlook a moment of awesome that needs to be counted? Did I not award enough points for something? Did I detract a point for something too minor? Did I not detract enough?

If you think I made a mistake or just want to talk about the various point allotments, feel free to tell me what I did wrong!

Got the gist of it? Then let's begin!

Cast for 'Boy in the Iceberg' in order of appearance from white title screen in:
-1 for sexism 
EDIT: +1 for fulfilling our physical comedy needs via pain!

+1 for angrily destroying an iceberg through the power of sibling rivalry
+1 for trying to save the creepy glowing kid frozen in ice without knowing who he is
+1 for figuring out how long Aang was in the ice AKA being smarter then everyone else
EDIT: +1 for standing up to your brother for girls everywhere!
EDIT: +1 for making us wish penguin sledding was real. :(

+1 for mastering the powers of suspended animation
EDIT: +1 for making us wish penguin sledding was real :(


+1 for sass

+1 for snot attack


Katara is really kicking butt now with an early 5 point lead!
Aang has taken second with 2 points!
Sokka has taken his physical comedy skills and canceled out his negative score for a zero!
Iroh and Appa are tied for third with 1 point each!
Zuko and Gran-Gran trail behind with zero points!

So what did I miss? Do some people need more points? Less? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

Also, just because I'm taking notes on this show anyway, let's get some idea of how often characters do stuff!

Aang does something that brings him only trouble - 1
Aang feels guilty - 1
Aang has an obvious crush moment - 1
Aang goes into Avatar state - 1
Aang shows off - 1
Iroh mentions tea -1
Iroh plays Pai Sho -1
Katara acts motherly - 1
Sokka gets the short end of the stick - 2
Weird hybrid animal seen - 2
Zuko looses his temper -2
Zuko mentions honor - 1

As a last note, I'm going to be out in the field until about 5:30 PM EST today so if this idea is terrible and you hate me for it, I won't know until then. Also, I may be later depending on if I have to go to the ER after this lab again like last week. My frost bite is just healing and now I go back out into nature! At least it's warmer and more of the snow is gone though.