Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’: S05E05 – Now it's Flesh and Stone -_-

Over at 'Watches' the review for 'Flesh and Stone' should go up soon.

Spoilers (Space Gandalf! "Is that a leather bikini?" and I love that MV-ers have started taking scenes from shows that Alex and Matt did *before* Who in order to create more implied Doctor and River adventures) below!

EDIT: Our roving internet reporter, mkjcaylor, found THIS NEWS which features the prequel for the upcoming series as well as A NEW TRAILER. Also, mkjcaylor found for us the airdate for the new Torchwood series! It'll air Friday June 8 at 10pm EST on Starz! Since it got posted at the end of yesterday's comments I just had to repost the stuff here so we all could squeal. Thank you for finding this mkjcaylor!