Monday, February 14, 2011

Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’: S03E13 – The Last of the Time Lords

Over at 'Mark Watches' the review for The Last of the Time Lords is up.

Spoilers (and Martha's Theme) below

Goodbye Martha. Unfortunately for you, you really drew the short stick as far as new companions go this year. Not only was the Doctor a jerk and completely oblivious to how much you cared about him in a romantic way, but your family was also enslaved by the Master and forced to work for him for a year. A year that no one else is going to remember, but that they can because they were in 'the eye of the storm.' And that sucks! Especially since you were so kick-ass! Poor Martha. We'll see you again, but you still deserve all the hugs in the world. See you next season!

And now that you're reaching for your tissue box, here's something to cheer you up a bit. Doctor Who + Doctor Horrible? I'm surprised the internet hasn't exploded from the pure win yet.

It's not fair. I keep on finding absolutely wonderful Master videos! I had to search for hours to find something remotely interesting to add to The Family of Blood's post and here the Master is having great videos falling out of his ears! Last one! I swear!