Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spoilers, Sweetie - Slow news week.

Not much happened in the world of spoilers for series 6. What very little news that did come out is below the cut.

The only real news to come out is that the press watched as episode 11 was filmed. And here's where is gets weird. The scene being filmed was the Team Tardis breakup scene with Amy and Rory fighting and the Doctor returning to the Tardis alone. Mind you, this is episode 11, so all is not as it appears. Shortly after, filming for episode 12 began with Amy and Rory absent and James Corden present which could mean that the return of the fake-Tardis could be the finale of series 6. While I would doubt that they would take out Amy and Rory a full episode before the finale, this is still pretty troubling news.

In a way, Amy and Rory potentially breaking up could be seen as the completion of the fairy tale. Moffat could be following an 'Into the Woods' type structure with the first half of the tale setting up the Happily Ever After with the second half subverting it and showing why it's not so happy. That said, AMY AND RORY!!!! /sobcrybawl

They can't break up! They're Amy and Rory! He waited almost two thousand years for her! She chose to die rather than risk living a life without him! THEY CAN'T BREAK UP!

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