Friday, March 4, 2011

The Great 30-Day Who MEME!!!! - Day Sixteen

What is your favorite Martha moment?

I am such a sucker for musicals...

The problem with Martha is.... HOW DO YOU PICK ONE MOMENT!? Martha is just so wonderful and badass!

I think though.... I think my favorite Martha moment is during the whole 'Human Nature/Family of Blood' fiasco. Here's Martha in a time period that's so hostile towards her, abandoned by the Doctor, heartbroken watching him fall in love with someone else when he finally gets the chance to fall in love, and instead of telling the Doctor where to shove his Tardis she keeps going. She holds aliens hostage, figures out what's going on with zero help, and never whines or complains or anything. Believe me, if I was in Martha's place I would be whining up a storm. Mostly over being black, female, and a maid in a time period that is not very friendly to people who are black, female, or lower class just so the Doctor can play Professor in a romanticized setting.

Yeah, that would turn me into Naggy Mc'Nag-nag.

So what about you? What's your favorite moment starring Martha?
Tomorrow: Favorite Donna moment!