Thursday, May 5, 2011

i R backs

Greetings all! I am back at the moment having missed you all greatly! My life is now dial-up though so I am going to be a slightly more absent presence since I don't get the permanent feed. (And everything is so slow! /sob! How do people survive like this!?)

Well, since Mark didn't put up a review yesterday I'm just going to force yesterday's post back up to the top at the usual time and start going through the comments. A quick glance told me that when we hit the end of the season we should make categories so that Boomi doesn't win outright and that we want a new 30 day meme, but was there anything else important that I didn't notice?

Also, on a Doctor Who news front, The Sarah Jane Adventures officially will not go on without Liz. (There were rumours to the contrary.) The six episodes / three adventures that were finished are going to be aired, but there is no set air date at the moment. (Source: DoctorWhoTV)