Monday, March 7, 2011

The Great 30-Day Who MEME!!!! - Day Nineteen

What is your ship of choice from the Whoverse?


Dearest readers of Blogger-Land. I am here to tell you of the Greatest Romance ever found in the Who Fandom. That of the Doctor and his One True Love of All Time and Space and Places Between. (Valid everywhere except Denmark. All relationships are void in Denmark. Ask the people of Demark. Or don't. They smell Rotten, or so I hear.)

Personally, I had always believed in the OTP of Doctor Who. It was Endless! Eternal! Permanent like only Death and Texas have been before! (And yes, I did mean to say Texas. If you do not believe me, find your nearest Texan and ask. They will assure you that I speak only the truth.) While the Doctor may come to care about his Companions, and even love them, there was always the One who was most dear in his heart. While he could be distracted away from his One True Love by foxy Companions or sexy Dalek girls, he'd always return!

Look out Doctor! It's a trap!

I believed that he would always return back to his One True Love.... But then that belief was finally torn from me to reveal the truth. The Doctor is nothing more than a Fickle Player! One who would abandon his One True Love as soon as he found another pretty face! For shame, Doctor, for shame!

How could you? How could you do it after all these years? Abandoning the Tardis like that!? After all she's done for you!? While her tear ducts have long ago turned to wood, much like the rest of her you sick, Wood-loving freak, she still has feelings! If she could cry she would!

The years she wasted on you! And what did you abandon her for? A hat? A silly looking, roughly Cone-shaped Hat!? How could you leave her for that.... that....

Actually, that's a mighty attractive fez you have there.... I can totally see leaving the Tardis for that fez. In fact, I don't even have a significant other at this moment, but I'm going to go out and get one just so I can break up with him to date that fez.

Sadly, the epic romance of the Doctor and the Fez was not to be. After the Fez was blown up, in a fit of jealous rage by River Song, the Doctor came back to the Tardis, begging the old girl to take him back. And, since her love for him was True, she agreed. The Doctor and the Tardis are now expecting their first Horrific Offsping, the universe's first Box Lord. As for the Fez, well at the Museum it met a very nice Dalek and well...

And they all lived Happily Ever After.

So what about you? What is your favorite ship in the Whoverse?

Tomorrow: What is the prettiest scene?