Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Site Rules

Hello people of Mark Spoils! Recently this community has grown a lot - which is great! It also means that the site and the way it's used has evolved. Given that there's been confusion over what's acceptable and what isn't, here are some ground rules:

1. Plain-text spoilers for a series are only permissible if they are not the first comment of a thread. Spoilers in parent comments must be in rot13.

2. If someone starts a reads/watches thread, spoilers are fair game in that thread up to the point the person is posting about. Everything else needs to be in rot13, including comments about source material and/or casting spoilers in the case of TV shows.

3. If it's a thread about a currently airing show, plain-text spoilers for any aired episode of the show are fair game in the thread unless specified as being safe for people new to the show. If it's a thread about the latest episode, there are going to be spoilers/speculation within in plain-text. The first rule about no un-cyphered spoilers in the parent comment of the thread stands - the plain-text spoilers must be contained to replies.

4. If it's a major plot point from any media anywhere else on the site or from media Mark has already covered on Reads/Watches, it must be cyphered with rot13 - and let people know what series it spoils so they know if they can un-cypher it!

5. The language policy concerning slurs applies here as well. Use of slurs when not discussing the harm they cause is prohibited. It follows that jokes at the expense of the groups these slurs target are also unacceptable. Racist/Sexist/Ableist/Cissexist/other oppressive comments and language will not be tolerated.

Hopefully these rules have cleared a few things up! I know we've gotten lax about enforcing the last one but we will be giving warnings again for use of slurs. Please be considerate of your fellow posters. Cool? Cool.

*this post has been set a few weeks ahead date-wise so that it will stay at the top of the site for a bit