Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Summary - May 8 - 14

What does Mark have in store for us this week?

Well our review schedual shall be
Monday - Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot
Tuesday - Avatar: The Deserter
Wednesday - The Northern Air Temple
Thursday - The Waterbending Master
Friday - The Seige of the North Part 1

So a pretty good week of episodes and ONE HELL of a cliffhanger for next Tuesday. That said, does anyone know when Mark was planning on watching the movie? Since it only covers Water we could be watching the movie as early as Wednesday. (And for the love of your sanity get the Rifftrax version. It's the only thing that makes it bareable.)

Also, starting Monday we're going to be starting our new 30 day meme! The full list is up in Friday's 'Bato' post, but our first five days are as follows:

DAY 1. Favorite Episode

DAY 2. Least Favorite Episode

DAY 3. Favorite Character

DAY 4. Least Favorite Character

DAY 5. What is your favorite outfit that any character has worn throughout the series?

For the record, spoilers are allowed, but please be kind to our watching along friends and put a spoiler warning in front of your post if it refers to the future! After all, if we can't tell the Doctor how he died, we can't tell everyone about the episode where Zuko and Sokka profess their love for each other, steal Appa, and get married in Omashu. Wait.... SHIT! Retroactive spoiler warning for that last bit!