Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Summary - May 22 - 28

So what does Mark have in store for us this week?

Monday - Doctor Who - The Rebel Flesh
Tuesday - Avatar - The Swamp
Wednesday - Avatar Day
Thursday - The Blind Bandit
Friday - Zuko Alone

And then on Saturday we're going to be getting the second half of our clone sage done with ''. (We're already mostly over with NuWho until the Fall! PANIC!!)

Also, I am looking for someone to start helping me with this blog. Work has been crazy and we're not even in the busy season yet! I can keep the posts going, but I really need someone to read the comments for me so that nothing happens in there. We're a very well behaved bunch, but I want to keep things that way and I just feel so bad about how much I have to ignore this place in favor of work.

So if you want to be a mod here, leave a comment and I'll start handing out permissions tomorrow!