Friday, May 27, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' S02E07 - Zuko Alone

Yeah. I couldn't find a non-spoilery video for today.

+1 for not going after the couple
+1 for sucking at nailing stuff
-1 for chucking stuff at turtleducks
+1 for knowing that Azula is up to no good even as kids
+1 for trying to help Mai with the apple
+1 for giving Lee the little sword lesson
+1 for giving Lee the dagger
+1 for defending Iroh to Azula
+1 for trying to impress Grandad and make Daddy happy
+1 for knowing that Azula always lies
+1 for going to get Lee back
+1 for kicking serious solider ass

+1 for scolding Zuko about chucking stuff at turtleducks
+1 for trying to cheer Zuko up
+1 for the sad farewell to Zuko

-1 for being assholes
-1 for stealing Zuko’s grain
-1 for telling the family about their son
-1 for taking Lee to make him join the army

+1 for taking Zuko in
+1 for being so happy to see Zuko

Lee’s Family
+1 for knowing how to get Zuko to accept food
+1 for letting Zuko have his privacy
+1 for going to Zuko for help

-1 for being manipulative even back then
+1 for hating dolls
-1 for wanting their dad to be Fire Lord
-1 for dissing Iroh
+1 for being a little overachiever
+1 for being a prodigy at firebending
+1 for staying behind to listen
-1 for mocking Zuko about his death
-1 for teasing Zuko about Ursa’s disappearance

Tai Lee

+1 for having a crush

+1 for writing his family nice letters
+1 for giving the kids gifts

-1 for wanting to skip over Iroh to be Fire Lord

+1 for wanting to cut through the bullshit
-2 for making Ozai kill Zuko