Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' S02E06 - The Blind Bandit

Over at Watches the greatest character ever created debuts in ‘The Blind Bandit!’ (Biased? Me? Never!)

Spoilers (and BENDING BATTLE!) below!

+1 for agonizing over buying a bag
+1 for getting into professional earthbending that quickly
+1 for being happy his belt matches his bag. He’s so metrosexual
+1 for ‘water tribe’

+1 for finding out where the match is by kicking ass
+1 for smacking Sokka for booing Aang
+1 for threatening the punks
+1 for having her eye on him
+1 for convincing Toph to help

+1 for recognizing that The Boulder only listens to his muscles
+1 for knowing that Toph is his teacher
+1 for taking Toph out
+1 for trying to talk Toph into being his teacher in public

+1 for taking over Sokka’s bag

Master Yu
-1 for offering to give Aang the next belt level for paying more money. Not how martial arts works.
+1 for recognizing that Toph is a master

The Boulder
+1 for defeating the Hippo
+1 for going on a winning spree
+1 for getting over his conflicted feelings
-1 for claiming Toph cheated
-1 for taking part in the kidnapping

Fire Nation Man
+1 for being ‘That guy’ who is purposely the bad guy in professional wrestling
+1 for the HILARIOUS national anthem
-1 for taking part in the kidnapping

+1 for the smacktalk
+1 for the demonstration on how she can see
+1 for taking down The Boulder in two moves
+1 for playing the helpless little girl role so easily
+1 for stopping Aang from telling her parents about her bending
+1 for explaining her ‘seeing’ ability
+1 for going back for Aang
+1 for taking them all down single handedly
+1 for going with the Gaang
+1 for getting even and taking her belt back

Shin Fu
-1 for thinking Toph cheated
-1 for kidnapping Toph

Toph’s Parents
-1 for being way too overprotective
-2 for sending bandits after Toph