Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' S02E05 - Avatar Day

Over at Watches the review for ‘Avatar Day’ should be up soon.

Spoilers (and Kung Fu Panda) below!

Please be as good as the first one. Please be as good as the first one. Please be as good as the first one.

+1 for going after the spider and fly in Sokka’s mouth

+1 for loosing poor old boomerang. A sad farewell to an old friend
+1 for his breakout pantomime
+1 for his detective hat and pipe
+1 for believing in the power of stuff
+1 for being reunited with Boomerang! How we missed that boomerang!
+1 for saying what they were all thinking


+1 for going back for her waterbending scrolls
+1 for putting out the Avatar statues
+1 for letting Sokka detective it out
+1 for smacking Sokka with his pipe
+1 for getting Kyoshi to testify
+1 for wanting community service
+1 for fighting with the rough rinos

+1 for going back for his staff
+1 for standing trial for past crimes
+1 for bonding with the other prisoners
+1 for dressing up like Kyoshi
+1 for using Kyoshi’s fans to defeat the Rough Rinos

Rough Rinos
+1 for being awesome!
+1 for interrupting everything!

-1 for stealing from innocent people. Not cool dude. Uncle Iroh does not approve.
-1 for stealing money off the rich guy. Uncle Iroh still does not approve.
+1 for trying to find his own path

+1 for telling Zuko what’s what
+1 for trying to give Zuko his hope back
+1 for letting Zuko fly the nest

+1 for making me think of Kung Fu panda constantly this entire episode
-1 for not accepting any evidence and having a warped sense of justice
+1 for making the new Avatar Day food unfried dough

+1 for bonding with Aang
+1 for not sticking with their sterotypes

+1 for fangasming out
+1 for sneaking away

+1 for coming to testify
+1 for being that badass