Friday, May 20, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbender:' S02E03 - Return to Omashu

Over at Watches the review for ‘Return to Omashu’ should be up soon.

Spoilers (and Rejected with Good Reason) below.

+1 for going to find Boomi
+1 for saving Mai and her family
+1 for releasing Flopsey
+1 for surfing Boomi to safety
+1 for the fight with Azula
+1 for returning Tom Tom to his parents

+1 for being stuck with the sewage…. So there was a repeat illness episode, right?
+1 for figuring out how to get everyone out of town
+1 for hugging Flopsey
+1 for protecting Tom Tom and getting Katara away

+1 for helping Aang get away from Mai
+1 for making Aang feel better
+1 for taking care of the baby no matter where he’s from
+1 for the fight with Mai and Tai Lee


+1 for accidentally stealing Mai’s brother through the pursuit of food

Old Women Twins
+1 for being good evil advisors for Azula

+1 for assembling the team. I kept on imagining the Rocky theme in my head
+1 for making Tai Lee’s life a living hell to make her join her party
+1 for the fight
+1 for surfing after Aang

+1 for being the poster child for teen angst
+1 for being an expert with those throwing knives
+1 for the fight with Katara

Tai Lee
+1 for wanting to stay with the circus
+1 for going with Azula before things got too bad
+1 for knocking out Katara’s bending

+1 for being to earthbend while trapped in a steel box
+1 for being a great strategist while appearing to be a senile old man
+1 for bending his way back to prison