Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbender:' S02E01 -The Avatar State

Over at Watches the review for ‘The Avatar State’ should be up soon.

Spoilers (and a kiwi bird animation) below.

+1 for the flashback dream
+1 for wanting to stop the war
+1 for the fight with the Earth soldiers

+1 for soothing Aang
+1 for trying to keep Aang on the right path
+1 for trying to dissuade Aang from the Avatar State
+1 for helping Aang

+1 for the gifts to Aang and Katara
EDIT: -1 for not giving anything to Sokka... And he looked so hopeful too!

+1 for trying to shock Aang
+1 for helping Aang
+1 for taking Fong down


+1 for trying to shock Aang

+1 for being infallible
+1 for trying to keep Zuko’s hopes down
+1 for staying suspicious
+1 for the fight and bending the lightening
+1 for leaving the Fire Nation behind

+1 for trying to be practical
-1 for believing Azula… Poor guy. You need a serious hug
-1 for mistreating Iroh
+1 for the fight with Azula
+1 for leaving the Fire Nation behind

+1 for being clever in her threats
+1 for bending lightening
-1 for lying to Zuko
+1 for the fight with Zuko

+1 for boosting their egos and the fireworks show
-1 for saying that Aang is already ready for the firelord
-1 for attacking Aang to get the Avatar State
-1 for going after Katara
-1 for not getting the hint that the Avatar State plan was a bad one

Old Lady Twins Lo and Li

+1 for explaining what the Avatar State actually is