Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mark Watches 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' - The Siege of the North Part 2

Over at Watches the review for ‘The Siege of the North Part 2’ should be up soon.

Spoilers below.

Well since Part 1 got eaten… Let’s quickly get through that one first!

Siege of the North Part 1

+1 for kicking serious ass
+1 for blasting out of that snow pile
+1 for talking to Yue while Aang is trying to meditate
+1 for defending Aang
+1 for kicking Zuko’s ass

+1 for realizing that Katara is the bestest waterbender eva
+1 for keeping the waterbenders together and defending the city

-1 for slacking off. I know you’re just a kid, Aang, but there’s a world to save
+1 for going to meet the fire nation
+1 for fight on the ship
+1 for taking out the first ship and then being doomed as the rest come
+1 for going into the Spirit World for help
+1 for using the Ying Yang fish to meditate

+1 for eating the ash

+1 for being all cute and flirty
+1 for recognizing what the soot means
+1 for volunteering for the dangerous mission
+1 for realizing that the Fire Nation doesn’t use those uniforms anymore
+1 for defending Yue’s honor

+1 for being all cute and flirty
+1 for telling the Moon story
+1 for bringing them to that weird oasis place
+1 for going for help

+1 for the lick attack
+1 for being a good flying bison. I’m always amazed at how well he does in battle situations

-1 for being a jerk to Iroh
+1 for waiting until dawn

+1 for helping Zuko
+1 for giving good advice to Zhao
+1 for telling Zuko how he feels and being all naggy

+1 for bringing back the ninja antics
+1 for being way braver then I ever would be about diving into freezing water into unknown areas
+1 for actually making it in. I was seriously impressed
+1 for popping Katara’s bubble
+1 for the fight
-1 for calling Katara a peasant. Classism dude. Look it up, ass.
+1 for the ‘rise’ line which inspired YEARS of shipping wars
+1 for taking Aang
-1 for the plan of suck. Seriously? WALKING away? Do you ever think things through?

-1 for being an ass about the uniforms
-1 for being a sexist piggy douche
+1 for realizing that this marriage involves a lot of complicated politics. I love it when people recognize that!

Siege of the North Part 2

+1 for going after Zuko
+1 for being more worried about Zuko not getting away
+1 for following the light to Aang
+1 for taking Zuko out
+1 for saving the day

+1 for going after Zuko
+1 for being impressed by the rope
+1 for saving the day

+1 for going after Zuko
+1 for telling how she was saved by the Moon
+1 for giving her life for the Moon Spirit
+1 for saving the day

+1 for going after Zuko
+1 for saving the day

+1 for attacking Zhao
+1 for saving the day

+1 for getting past the falling ground and finding shelter
+1 for getting his family issues out into the open
+1 for escaping without notice
+1 for going after Zhao
+1 for trying to help Zhao

+1 for going to look for Koh
+1 for keeping his face blank for the entire interview with Koh
+1 for not leaving Zuko in the snow
+1 for channeling the wrath of the ocean spirit
+1 for saving the day

Monkey Thing
+1 for hating Aang on sight

+1 for telling Aang about Koh and giving him the warning

+1 for continuing to be a good advisor
+1 for going into the SPIRIT WORLD!? Where the HELL is my Uncle Iroh backstory?
+1 for turning against Zhao
+1 for kicking serious ass
+1 for recognizing that Yue has part of the Moon Spirit within her
+1 for sailing away

+1 for defeating Hahn with a carefully timed side step
+1 for the foreshadowing. Also, how the hell did he get in there?
+1 for the evil plan. It’s actually quite good.
-1 for grabbing the fish. The moon going red is NOT a good sign.
-1 for waxing on and on about how he’s so badass
-1 for attacking the fish
EDIT: -1 for not taking Zuko's hand. Was death really better then being in debt to Zuko? Seriously?

+1 for rushing Zhao and failing epically

+1 for being seriously creepy
+1 for stealing that waterbender Avatar’s girlfriend’s face. Evil move. I approve evil dude.
+1 for telling Aang about Zhao’s evil plan

Hei Bai
+1 for taking Aang back to his body
+1 for attacking the Monkey Dude in his angry Panda form

+1 for being an epic master bender!
+1 for going to the South Pole
+1 for telling Katara’s she is a Master

-1 for calling his family mean names


+1 for "By our power combined, we are KOIZILLA" (Also +1 to @redbeardjim for that line)
+1 for ending its rampage when the Moon came back
+1 for going back to finish off Zhao anyway

RESULTS: Best Major Character!

And in a surprise turn of events (to me at least) Sokka wins Season 1 of Avatar! Geeze. I thought Aang or Katara were going to be the winner this round...

Worst Major Character!

Zhao. Because he's a douche who punches fish.

Best Minor Character!

NOTE: Only showing the top 5 scorers of minor characters and the minor characters that scored a 0 or below in the above table.

I decided that the double crown of best minor character would go to Yue and Boomi! Yue for getting the highest score, and Boomi for making such a great impression that he got the highest average!

Worst Minor Character!

Ozai. Worst. Father. Ever.