Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AtLA 30 Day Meme: Day Three - Favorite Character

What is your favorite character?

Spoilers will be below!

Oh youtube. It frightens me how well you know my preferences.... I type 'character' into their search bar looking for a video and the first thing that pops up is a musical number from Bollywood. It's insertion is totally justified because it has the word 'character' in its name so they're probably singing about it too! Or at least mentioning it. I need to learn Hindi one of these days to feed my now not-so-secret Bollywood obsession.

So what were we supposed to be talking about again? Oh yeah! Character! Favorite one!


.....Would another flashy Bollywood musical number distract you all from the question? No? Well it's worth a shot anyway!

Be distracted by the pretty! No? Crap.

Then I guess that my favorite character has to be Toph. Why?

Well... (highlight) What other character rocks as much as she does? She's a little girl, raised in a family that expected her to be a wilting flower, blind, and does that slow her down at all? Nope! Instead she kicks ass, takes names, and when she's captured becomes the first ever metalbender to destroy the morale of her captors even more! I know that originally the show was planning that Toph would be an adult guy so let me just say this; BEST AND MOST JUSTIFIED SWITCHING OF CHARACTER GENDERS EVER. (/highlight)

So what about you? Who is your favorite character?

Tomorrow: Least Favorite Character