Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Summary - March 13 - 19

What does Mark have in store for us this week?

On the Who front we're reaching the end of Ten's career with
The End of Time Pt 1 - RTD
The End of Time Pt 2 - RTD
then a flash to the past with Two in The Mind Robber - Peter Ling
and here comes series 5 with The Eleventh Hour - Moffat
and The Beast Below - Moffat

Next up is the results of our poll!
2% of you said WTF!? Change it back, you harlot! (The last part was implied.)
68% of you said you liked the changes.
1% of you had a better idea if I would only listen!
and 78% of you said that bow ties are cool.

So it looks like the changes stay! Unless I can find a bow tie themed setup to appease the vast majority.

Lastly, our 30 day meme will come to an end this Saturday Friday. If anyone has any ideas on what they would like to do next, if anyone wants to do anything next, tell me and I'll get it set up.