Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’: Classic Who Series 6 – The Mind Robber

Over on 'Watches' the review for the classic Who tale 'The Mind Robber' should be up soon.

There is a lack of spoilers (and Matt Smith's new show) below.

Since there isn't any spoilers to talk about (at least in regards to 'The Mind Robber') I thought I'd take this moment to talk about Matt Smith's new show that's coming out this Saturday the 19th. Called, Christopher and his Kind, the special stars Matt Smith as Christopher Isherwood and also features Toby Jones (the Dreamlord) as Gerald Hamilton and Lindsay Duncan (Adelaide) as Kathleen Isherwood. Chistopher Isherwood, for those like me who had never heard of him before, was a British novelist who's work was the inspiration of the musical Cabaret which makes me feel bad because I LOVE that musical and I never knew Isherwood's connection to it.

The special focuses on Isherwood's time in Berlin in the 1930s and his potentially deadly love life. (Isherwood was gay... In Germany right before WWII... Not a good time to be gay and in Germany, right?)

So if you need to get some more of that Matt Smith fix and you want to see him in period clothes, I would recommend tuning into this program (if you're... you know, in England). It'll be airing on BBC 2 this Saturday at 9:30 PM British time.

Here's a trailer: