Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Great 30-Day Who MEME!!!! - Day Twenty-two

Today's topic? Something silly!

(For the record, I already embedded this video once... I just love it and it's silly!)

 Ah, Doctor Who. Even when you're trying to be serious you're sometimes so very, very silly. And then other times you actually try to be silly and you're hilarious! But one of the most brilliant pieces of arranged silliness that I've ever seen came from that glorious moment when someone realized that Blackadder would make a fantastic Doctor. Which brings us to the Doctor Who Special ' The Curse of Fatal Death' in which an alternate Ninth Doctor calls the Master on his bullshit, saves the day, and the Master spends 936 years in a sewer.

So what about you? What bit of silliness do you enjoy from Who?

Tomorrow: Something Epic (IF YOU CAN!)