Monday, March 14, 2011

The Great 30-Day Who MEME!!!! - Day Twenty-six

What is a scene/moment that made you go 'awwww'?

When the Doctor puts little Amelia to bed and tells her his fairy tale, you can't help but go 'Awwww.' It's not only a moment that brings tears, but it also plays up a side of the Doctor that we haven't seen in NuWho. That of the Doctor, the Father. It's sometimes strange to think that the Doctor started out with his granddaughter on the Tardis, especially considering we never see his children or even his significant other. Also, while we've seen the Doctor run a gambit of other roles, even when Ten has his daughter clone he treats her more like an additional companion then his actual daughter. That Eleven shows a very soft, very tender, very paternal side to his nature lets you know that all those years ago when One was running the scene, a family was within the Doctor's nature and he would have been a great Dad too.

So what about you? What scenes make you go 'awwwwww?'

Tomorrow: What scene/moment makes you go 'ARGH!?'