Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Great 30-Day Who MEME!!!! - Day Eighteen

Sorry about no Sunday Summary this week. I'm not sure what Mark's schedule is going to be and when I woke up this morning the water was out so I'm more concerned with solving that mystery at the moment. I did have a sink full of dishes to wash today after all... Just glad I took a shower last night instead of waiting for the morning.

So! Without boring you more with my uneventful life....... What is your favorite Amy moment?

What is with this meme!? How, HOW am I supposed to pick one crowning moment of epic? Well, I forced myself to pick just one for Donna and Martha so I can't break the rules now. For me, most of series 5 is jam-packed with awesome Amy moments. Both young and grown up Amy are fantastic characters and I love every moment that they're on screen. That said, I'm going to have to go with one of Amy's greatest crowning moments of awesome.... Her wedding!

Everything, from her waking up in the morning and meeting her parents to her remembering the Doctor was just full of win! I know a lot of people said that Amy's ability to remember the people who had ceased to exist was Sue-ish, but forget them! I just love how she almost ruins her wedding remembering him too. If he hadn't shown up, the party probably would have ended with both sides of the family thinking Rory had just married a crazy person rather than people dancing the Drunk Giraffe. So I'll grab a bottle of champagne and here's a toast to Amy and Rory and their wedding!

I can't wait until Mark gets to you two!

TOMORROW: What is your favorite ship?