Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Summary - February 20-26

What grand adventures does Mark have planned for us this week?
In the dark and dirty land of 'Reads,' chapters 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 should go up.

On the wrong side of town, the gang war between the 'Fringe' liveblog and the 'Fringe' review is getting heated with the episode "Subject 13" caught in the fray.

NuWho is back for vengeance with
Planet of the Ood - Keith Temple
The Sontaran Stratagem - Helen Raynor
and The Poison Sky - Helen Raynor
declaring a turf war against The Doctor's Daughter - Stephen Greenhorn
and The Unicorn and the Wasp - Gareth Roberts
over who kicks the most ass and takes the most names. While the results of said turf war are still out, the debating over what's more epic, humanoid baked potatoes or giant wasps, shall carry on for eternity.

And yet we, the faithful, patiently wait for we know that the coming of You-Know-Who is nigh.

Awww.... I forgot to put these little guys in last week!

Friend: Who? Voldemort?
Me: NO! River Song!
Friend: Oh. 'Cause it sounded like you were talking about Voldemort. And I figured that Who's British and Potter's British so they could have have fanwanky little British babies together. You know, Harry finding out he's a Time Lord and Capt' Jack having a snog with Snape (who's using illusion spells to disguise how pretty he actually is for no logical reason) and Ron falling into the time stream so that he actually is Dumbledore.
Me: I think I read a fanfic like that once.
Friend: I think I wrote a fanfic like that once.