Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spoilers, Sweetie - The Latest

Sorry about this being so late. My friends managed to talk me into going to the bar with them last night and I'm still so very very hung over. Not fun.

Anywho, some of the BEST NEWS EVER came out on the 24th, quickly followed by more FANTASTIC news so I figured that I would stick to telling everyone about that rather than our regularly scheduled programming.

Spoilers below!

First of all, interview with Matt Smith about the upcoming series!

And now for the first thing that really made me squeal. James Corden is going to be coming back meaning that we're going to get some sort of 'The Lodger' part 2! If you remember from the Christmas trailer, the Tardis-wannabe ship is seen so maybe the Doctor and Craig will be teaming up once more to determine where the ship came from.

Even more exciting, rumor has it that a new trailer is headed our way in early March. If it does appear it's going to be more like the vortex promo from series 5 rather than something that shows lots of clips like the Christmas trailer, but it'll still be nice to see some new footage. However, the last paragraph of this writeup is quite possibly the most exciting. Easter comes quite late this year and if we're forced to wait until April 23rd to see the first episode of series 6, there is a good chance that they'll show the next episode on April 24th!

That's right! The two-parter in America shown over two days! Additionally, the BBC is planning on following the success of the Christmas episode and showing the new Doctor Who series on BBC America only a few hours after it initially airs in Britain.

New Lodger, new trailer, no initial cliffhanger, and less need to illegally download stuff? It's win all around!

Now off to bed again. Typing is too loud and being cheerful is making my teeth hurt.