Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spoilers, Sweetie - Amy, Amy, Amy

Well, I hope you all knew that Amy Pond was coming back to be the NuWho series 6 companion. (If you didn't, I'm sorry.)

What adventures are in store for this Scottish, ginger companion? The answer lies below! (WARNING: Spoilers)

So what do we know for sure about Amy and series 6?

1) She's going to be in it.
2) A pirate's life is for her.
3) Tally marks are going to be all over her face and there will be screaming.

Besides that, not much is known. However, the rumor mill is going ahead full steam.

1) Amy will die at the end of series 6.
2) Amy will survive series 6 but will be mentally cracked by the end. (I cannot find where the link about this went. Why are my bookmarks so disorganized?)
3) Amy will become pregnant before the season ends. Worse, Rory shall accuse Amy and the Doctor of fooling around together once he finds out she's pregnant. (!? Seriously!? I will put my faith in you, Muppet, but I hope this rumor isn't true. The accusation part I mean. I wouldn't really mind it if Amy got preggers, although that would retread 'Amy's Choice' a bit.)
4) Whatever happens, chances are that Amy and Rory won't be on the Tardis full time once series 7 rolls in.

I'm sorry, I had something a lot longer planned out, but the furnace went out and I think hypothermia is about to set in. Time to grab all the cats, put every blanket I own on the bed, and hope it doesn't drop below freezing in here before I wake up and that feeling returns to my fingers. So... Here's Karen Gillan on the set practicing for the pirate episode! (Which will likely be episode 3.)