Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Great 30-Day Who MEME!!!! - Day Six

What is your favorite fanwork for Doctor Who?
Who is your least favorite minor character?

Disclaimer: I have found that I am contractually obligated to state that my favorite fanwork is that of my good friend Doctor WTF as I am writing this at her apartment since it has heat and she'll kick me out if I say otherwise. That said, I actually prefer this:

Now THAT is fan dedication!

As for least favorite minor character..... Can I just put down all of Torchwood minus Jack and Tosh? While they're major characters in their own series, they are minor in NuWho itself.

I'm watching my way through series one for the first time and I just want to smack each and every one of them. Having your mostly converted Cyberwoman girlfriend in the basement is a REALLY shitty idea, Ianto. Telling your boyfriend about your affair and then drugging him so he doesn't remember it just so you feel better is a REALLY shitty idea, Gwen. Really Owen, do you EVER have a good idea? And Gwen, STOP BEING AN IDIOT AND TAKING THE OBVIOUSLY EVIL VILLAIN OUT FOR A WALK! 

Do they ever get any smarter? If I was Jack I'd probably fire each and every one of them and then maybe feed them to the dinosaur. And then hire Martha away from UNIT. Martha needs to work for Torchwood to bring up the level from 'Suck' to 'Win.'

So what is your favorite fanwork /least favorite minor character?

Tomorrow: Favorite Episode!