Monday, May 16, 2011

And we're back! (Also, Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife)

Well, after a weekend of being very annoyed with Blogger and trying not to be cross with campers (seriously, who camps when it's 40 degrees F outside? Last night I worked the graveyard shift and at 1 in the morning while I was dozing staying very alert and awake since I was on the clock, I got a knock on the office door from sheepish campers since it hit the low 20s and they were loosing feeling in their extremities.) we're back in business!

Unfortunately, this reset has caused all my prepared posts to vanish away into the aether, but I suppose that's what I get for not making backups. Oh well.

So I actually have tomorrow off so I'll get us all caught up then. The meme will restart tomorrow with Day Five's topic again (since that post also vanished) which was 'What is your favorite outfit worn by a character at any time?' Be careful, spoilers will abound in that thread.

And while we're here, OMG THE DOCTOR'S WIFE.

Did you like it? Has Gaiman cemented himself in your mind as the greatest guest writer Who's ever had since Douglas Adams? Did your mind go 'boom, boom, boom?' Do you really REALLY want the Time Lords to come back now?

Well, the  for it on Watches should be up soon, so it's time to start the fangasming for 'The Doctor's Wife.'