Saturday, April 23, 2011

NuWho Series 6: The Impossible Astronaut

NOTE: I'm putting up this post specifically for all the GMT residing folks who get to see Doctor Who first due to living in a superior time zone compared to the rest of us. (And also for those of us who may *cough* watchitearlybydoingthingsweshallnotmentionfurther *cough*)

That means if you see today's episode early and you want to flail about it before Mark can see it, you can do it here! No need for spoiler tags or anything! Have at it!

For those that have NOT seen the episode yet, this post may be full of terrible spoilers that could ruin your enjoyment of the episode! DO NOT look at the comments until AFTER you've seen the episode! This is your only warning!

I hand this thread over to you, GMT people. Enjoy your Who before the rest of us!

And if you're here for 'The Pyramids of Mars' talking, scroll down a bit more. That post is below this one!