Saturday, April 30, 2011

Classic Who - The Curse of Fenric

Today on Classic Who we're watching 'The Curse of Fenric!'

Can I say that Seven probably has the best opening EVER! I love the music, I love the terrible CGI, and I love that Seven smiles and winks at you!

There is a lack of spoilers below.

Things I loved:
  • Ace insisting that they just can't walk into an Amy base during WWII
  • The Doctor typing up a quick note of references and faking the signatures for it.
  • Ace being way too smart for her own good.
  • That Ace keeps on asking about going rock climbing.
  • All the Viking references! I love me my Norse men!
  • The Doctor acting like a stern Father/Grandfather again.
  • The Doctor's reactions to the baby and the bird whistle he does.
  • The Doctor not knowing if he has children anymore. So freaking sad that. The Time War hasn't even happened yet, but the Doctor is still unsure about what happened to his own family! WE NEED DOCTOR BACKSTORY AND WE NEED IT NOW!
  • Ace being a total BAMF and having the knapsack of unending wonder.
  • Ace and the Doctor cleaning each other's faces after the bomb went off. They're just so wonderful together!
  • Ace's little romance with the Russian solider.
  • How no one ever runs or fights when the evil fish vampires come for them.
  • The Doctor trapping Fenric in a chess logic puzzle.
  • The Doctor helping Ace work through her Mommy issues and water phobia.
Things I was sort of 'eh' on:
  • Did Ace try to run away without bringing the Doctor when they were in the church? I mean at first I thought she was securing their escape route, but then she sort of escaped without the Doctor knowing.
  • There was a lot of teleporting in this episode. People who had shown no indication that they were about to leave a place were suddenly transported across town. It was a little distracting and VERY amusing.
'The Curse of Fenric' is a great episode for many reasons. The first is Ace. Just Ace. Because Ace rocks SO VERY HARD that this episode became 100 times more awesome due to her presence alone.

The other reason I see this episode being ranked so highly is that it has Vikings. The best kind of Vikings even! It would have made no sense for real, period Vikings to appear during WWII so the writers took the correct route of making the Viking curse a backstory for the real alien ancient evil! Genius! (We must all celebrate this as not all Who writers realized this.)

So what about you guys? What did everyone else like about this episode?


This Monday I'm going to be moving to a new house where I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get any internet besides dial-up. Since this is going to greatly reduce the amount of Who-watching I can do I'm making a command decision on the next couple weeks of Classic Who watching.

Since in our Classic Who we haven't seen much in the way of other Time Lords so far I thought it might be fun to watch the entire 'Trail of a Timelord' saga from start to finish. Sure, I know that Six isn't the most popular Doctor after he beat up Joesph and stole his Amazing Technocolor Dream Coat, but I thought it might be helpful to see the Valeyard in action since Moffat brought him back in the form of the Dreamlord and he might refer to the Doctor's dark side again considering how dark this season has been already!

So here's our schedule for the next four weeks!
May 7 - The Mysterious Planet
May 14 - Mindwarp
May 21 - Terror of the Vervoids AKA The Ultimate Foe
May 28 - The Ultimate Foe AKA Time Inc.

Hope to see everyone there!