Monday, March 21, 2011

Tomorrow: The Great Round Robin Crack Fic of DOOOM!!! will begin!

What is the Great Round Robin Crack Fic of DOOOM!!!?
  • It is a crack fic
  • It will replace the empty void in our lives left by the ended meme
  • It was suggested by doesntsparkle
  • It could possibly be full of DOOOM!!!
So here's how it's (probably) going to go!

Starting tomorrow, I'll post the first sentence at 12:30 PM EST (when the meme used to go up). After that it's up to all of us to continue the story until we A) Get bored of it. B) A logical (HA! Logic!) end point is reached and we start a new story. C) Mark stops watching Doctor Who. :(

The way this is going to work is that the story will be threaded with people replying to each other to continue the story. Basically:

Person A posts their part.
Person B replies to Person A with more.
Person C replies to Person B with more.
Person A replies to Person C, etc.

That isn't to say that if you're person A you can't immediately post a reply to person B if you think of something good. Just try not to post replies to yourself!

As we go along I'll be copying our story into a Word file and cleaning it up, arranging it into paragraphs, etc. The previous day's work will become a chapter and be the blog post for that day. Since I can't be on the blog 24 hours a day this means that at about 9AM EST the chapter will be closed so I can get everything cleaned up and still make it to class on time. Any posts made after it's closed will unfortunately not make their way into that day's chapter. However, the posts can be reposted so they can make it into the next chapter.

In the spirit of a round robin try to keep your entries to the crack fic fairly short. Roughly three sentences or less or under 150-ish words. I'm not going to freak out and delete comments that go over this or anything like that, but the intent is that we all post short snippets rather than writing huge chunks of story.

As far as a general rating, try to keep it around the PG-13 mark with leeway given to swearing. If you've seen it used by Mark, the swear word is fair game. (Basically, you can use shit, damn, fuck, hell, bastard, etc if you want to.) If we start getting into sexual situations try to steer towards the more juvenile side rather then getting too NC-17. Basically we don't want to alienate anyone by getting too mature, but I don't want us to feel limited either.

Now, for those of you that don't know what on earth I'm talking about since you've never written a round robin before, the following is a short exchange that my good friend Doctor WTF helped me write. (My parts are in italic, WTF's are in bold.)


The Doctor and a Dalek walked into a bar. 

The bartender blinked. Was this some sort of joke? 

"No, you fool!" the Doctor shouted. "You blinked! Don't ever blink!" 


"Thank you Captain Obvious," the Doctor grumbled, shooting the Dalek a dirty look. "Do you know how difficult it is to get the Tardis back from the Weeping Angels? They're probably off on a joyride right now, mussing up the carpets and ruining the paint job and I'm stuck here on Earth with no way to follow them!" 

The Bartender glared at the tweedy man before him. He did not much appreciate being told off by a floppy haired twit in a silly jacket. "What'll be bub?" 


The entire bar stared at him. "What?" the Doctor asked, looking confused. "Appletinis are cool!" 


"If you keep telling me your evil Dalek plans, I'll just be able to foil them easier." 


Just then Rose walked into the bar. "Rose!" the Doctor gasped, leaping to his feet. 

"You left me with your clone!" Rose shouted, sucker punching the Doctor. As he crumpled over in pain she kneed him in the groin and pulled his hair for good measure. 

"Pain is.... so not cool," the Doctor gasped, clutching the remains of his Gallifrayan family jewels.


"Damn straight it better be canceled," Rose grumbled, grabbing the Doctor's drink and downing it in a single gulp. Her face contorted. "What the hell is this?" 

"Appletinis.... Are.... Cooolllll...." 

"No they're not," Rose snapped, kicking the Doctor.


As you can see, sometimes we broke the '3 sentences' rule, but we kept each of our parts short which is what we're really striving for.

So... Yeah....

I don't think I'm explaining this very well, but I hope everyone gets it anyway! Remember, we start tomorrow!