Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Summary - March 20-26

I have no idea what to post now that the meme is over. **twiddles thumbs**

Let's see what Mark has in store for us this week!

On 'Reads' he's going to be plugging away on The Book Thief chapters 9 through 13 (probably). Tissues will be a requirement.

On 'Watches' there will be the traditional liveblog on Friday for Fringe with the episode 'Bloodline.'

As for Who, this week the reviews for
Victory of the Daleks - Mark Gatiss
The Time of Angels - Moffat
Flesh and Stone - Moffat
The Vampires of Venice - Toby Whithouse
and Amy's Choice - Simon Nye
will be going up. I can't say that I'm a fan of Victory, but the rest of the week is good! We get the return of Rory too! Yay Rory!