Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Summary - February 27 - March 5

So what does Mark have in store for us this week?

Over at 'Reads' he should be finishing up 'Mockingjay!' Endless tragedy ahead on that front.

In the world of 'Watches' we'll be seeing the reviews for
Silence in the Library - Steven Moffat
Forest of the Dead - Steven Moffat
Midnight - RTD
Turn Left - RTD
and The Stolen Earth - RTD

An absolutely HUGE cliffhanger for Mark to suffer through until Monday (and much glee for us), one of the best episodes ever made with Merlin being an adorable wannabe-cool kid, and the first appearance of River Song. Now if only people can keep their big mouths shut about River or the fake-out regeneration this really will be a good week!