Friday, February 25, 2011

The Great 30-Day Who Meme!!!! - Day Nine

EDIT: We're on day nine, aren't we? Stupid lack of sleep.

What is your least favorite episode?

'Fear Her' or 'Love and Monsters?' An ending ruined by the worst, most corny solution ever VS a bad joke made worse when your mind GOES DOWN A PATH THAT IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER GONE DOWN!!!!

Hmmm..... Worst episode ever?

'Revelation of the Daleks'

This episode pretty much has no redeeming factors at all. It's a Sixth Doctor adventure (I can't take that man seriously in that outfit), the plot has no point, Peri annoys the hell out of me, and IT'S JUST BORING, OKAY! Never watch it! NEVER WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

So what about you? What is your least favorite episode?

TOMORROW: Favorite Scene/Moment